CLOCKUP Wiki needs to expand. Thats why a plan is put in place.

Step by step[edit source]

General step by step plan for the completion of the CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki.

Step by Step plan
Step 1: Renovation Step 2: Structure construction Step 3: Filling out Step 4: Polishing Step 5 Finishing
In the first step we will renovate the wiki and make it more clean. Meaning:
  • creating templates
  • cleaning existing articles
  • adding info boxes
  • visual overwork
  • remove vandalization
  • adding common knowledge
In the second step we will expand the base for further details. Meaning:
  • adding more pages around major and minor things
  • adding further templates/info boxes
  • adding basic pictures and material
  • writing the base of these articles
The third step will expand these articles to add more sense to them: Meaning:
  • expanding articles
  • adding as much information as possible
  • etc.
The fourth step we will round the wiki up a bit meaning making it visual more appealing. Plus we will polish articles so that they meet the standart. Last step: Finishing. Doing final touches on the wiki.

We are currently in Step 2

Projects[edit source]

Projects are work groups which specilaizes to work at specialized topics. Joining a project doesnt mean that you can not do anything else. Its more for the members to set a focus on certain topics.

General Wiki Projects[edit source]

Projects based around the wiki itself.

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-Translation

-translating texts in foreign language, mostly Japanese, to English

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-Resources

-finding general info about any product
-finding HD-Assets for Covers, Screenshots, etc.
-finding sources

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-Assets

-extracting in game assets (BG, Character, Sound, etc)

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-Writing and Formatting

-manly focused on writing or rewriting articles to meet quality standards
-formats articles to meet quality standart
-fixes bugs in articles or report them to staff

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-Analysing

-playing/watching media to analyze and provide info

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-News

-insider for news, leaks, changes, etc.

Visual Novel Projects[edit source]

Projects based on VNs. Provides Guides

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-euphoria

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-Maggotbaits

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-Nemurenu Hitsuji to Kodoku na Ookami

Media Projects[edit source]

Projects based on media types

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-Anime

-specializes around the OVA/Anime/Manga/LN

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-OST

-specializes around OST

CLOCKUP Visual Novel's Wiki:Project-Merchandise and other

-specializes around merchandise or other media

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