Euphoria (Original Video Animation)


Euphoria (Original Video Animation) is the original video animation adaption from Euphoria (Visual Novel). This series has 6 episodes. The OVA covers important routes and endings from the visual novel.

Episode list[edit | edit source]

Episode list
Number Title Description Original air date
1 ~真中合歓 地獄始動編~ Oct/05/2012
2 ~帆刈叶 楽園終焉編~ Jan/25/2013
3 ~白夜凛音 輪廻転生編~ Nov/14/2014
4 ~『蒔羽 梨香』『葵 菜月』 蘇る地獄絵図編~ Jun/26/2015
5 「地下の戦慄ゲーム、地上のスカトロ地獄。笑う黒幕は……幼なじみ!?編」 May/06/2016
6 「目指す楽園は神聖なる儀式の先に。救世主の母は……白夜凛音!?編」 Jul/29/2016
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