CLOCKUP WIKI:Rules and Policies


Rules[edit source]

All members and visitors must adhere to global user conduct and Fandom Community Guidelines in addition to our wiki's local conduct policies:

  • No Vandalizing - Keep the pages clean and do not add unnecessary content.
  • Dont Harass - Dont Harass other members of this wiki nor other persons outside.
  • Dont impersonate - Do not impersonate other persons.
  • Do not upload uncensored Media - Media which contains gore, nudity, etc. needs to be censored.

(The rules may be expanded in the future without a notification)

Users who violate (or attempt to violate) these global or local conduct guidelines are subject to punitive measures defined as below. Extreme violations of Fandom's Terms of Use may be reported to Fandom staff.

Punishment and Block Policies[edit source]

The punishments and blocks are all decided by the Staff. The type and length are mostly decided to each induvidual case.

Since the wiki was victim of many mayhems in the past, rule violation done by non-registered users will be punished harder.

Blocks are the last medium which is used to prevent damage on the wiki. Blocks are being used by registered users when multiple warnings, teachings, etc. wont work. The duration of those Blocks will be determined by each induvidual case. If a user finds themself unfairly punished it may appeal to the Staff.

Critical rule violations, like vandalizing, done by non-registered users will result with an instant permanent IP-Block and can never be appealed.

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